Mt. Rushmore Night Lighting Program

The 2019 season will see some changes in the Mt. Rushmore Evening Lighting Ceremony. Much needed deferred maintenance will limit access to some areas of the park, including the 3000 seat amphitheater, which is the location of the evening lighting program. Instead, a 10-minute recorded ranger talk will be broadcast throughout the park at 9:00 (8:00 after mid-August); and the faces will still be lit nightly from Memorial Day through the first weekend of October. However, seating will be very limited, on a first come, first served basis, to the benches scattered throughout the accessible areas of the monument, the terrace of the Carver’s Café, and the walls lining the main walkway. On many evenings, there will be standing room only. The ceremony to honor veterans and retire the flag will be done at the main entrance to Mt. Rushmore.
Because of this altered program, Affordable Adventures is recommending that our guests decide if they want to make the effort to go for this abbreviated program during the 2019 season. Call for details and pricing.