Mt. Rushmore Night Lighting Program

This program starts at 9:00 pm from early May through mid-August, and at 8:00 pm mid-August to the last day of September. We will pick you up from your hotel at least 1 1/2 hours before the Lighting Program starts so you will arrive in time to get a seat in the amphitheater. A Ranger presents a 10 minute talk about the Presidents and the carving, followed by a 20 minute video about the growth of our country in relation to the four Presidents. We sing the Star Spangled Banner and spotlights illuminate the four faces. All veterans and active duty military are asked to come down to the stage to retire the flag and be honored if they are able. The program lasts about 45 minutes, after which we will return to the vans and your Rapid City hotel. The cost is $45 per person plus 6% sales tax and the length of the trip is 3 hours. We require a minimum of 2 people in order to make the trip.